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Kailua Kona is a sunny seaside town located on the Kona Coast of the Big Island.  It has the perfect climate with, beaches, bays, surfing, sailing, fishing, hiking and stunning scenery.  Home to the world famous IronMan  Triathlon held every October attracts hundreds of athletes and vistors from around the world.

All of this beauty and activity in Kona is set on the side of the eight thousand foot mount Hualalai.  Cloaked in coffee, fruit trees, macadamia nuts, forests, and pastures, Kona is still small and rural. Along the coast the more dense urban areas feature small hotels and condos.

While the visitor industry dominates, there is a much active local cultural scene with plays, concerts, festivals, parades, and regional sporting events.  Island artists, craftsmen, and merchants still co-exist with national retail stores.

Local residences can range in scale and price from a simple coffee shack to the ocean front mansion.

The balmy temperature hovers around eighty, and seldom strays more than ten degrees. Winters are dry and sunny which is the reason for the presence of a royal palace on Kailua bay. Summers feature sunshine in the morning, with light showers in the afternoon, with the rainfall becoming more pronounced the higher up the mountain one goes.

Kona airport is small and relaxed, Honolulu, (The big city), is about a thirty minute flight away. Hawaii Island is large and diverse enough so that a day trip to the other parts of the county seems like entering another world.

Those who need the sun every day live at or near sea level, for others the cool and misty upper slopes of Hualalai beckon.   South Kona offers the most rural experience for the “Get away from it all” crowd.

The Kona side is a mix of transplanted individuals from around the country and the world. They are drawn to that golden mean of climate, size, affordability, convenience, and casual living.

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